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Beard Dandruff: What Causes It, and How Can You Get Rid of It?

September 23, 2023 by admin
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This helps to gently lift the scale and will help treatment work better. Rinse away the cleanser really well by splashing lukewarm water on your face. Using a washcloth can also irritate your skin, causing acne to flare. Home remedies and OTC dandruff treatments are a good place to start if your lifestyle habits don’t reverse facial dandruff.


If all else fails and you still see beard flakes, a check-up with a dermatologist might be needed. Did you know that growing a beard can be good for you? It’s a great look, and has an impact on other aspects of your life. A lack of sleep shows up on your face – and in your beard. Your body functions better when you get plenty of rest, and the benefit of those extra few hours of sleep will show up in the condition of your beard.

Take a bit of it, gently rub between your palms and apply them to your beard. Read more about mjäll i skägget here. After this, Roll your fingers thoroughly through your beard, touching every bit of it.

Trim Your Beard Regularly

You may need a prescription antifungal shampoo or topical steroid treatment. Once your dandruff goes away, you can keep it from reappearing by sticking with your routine. In addition to getting rid of dead skin, a beard brush will also help distribute oils from your skin. This can make the hair of your beard softer and easier to manage. Some people’s skin also has a faster rate of cell turnover. This refers to how often your skin cells regenerate. Generally, a cell turnover cycle takes about 30 days.

Keep in mind that these shampoos can also dry out the skin under your beard, however. At most, you should only use dandruff shampoos a couple times per month, and when you do, make sure you follow up with some moisturizers or oils. If you have tried our four-step beard care routine and are still experiencing excessive beard dandruff, consult your doctor. There may be a more serious underlying condition causing dandruff. Your facial skin is sensitive and needs special attention. So, instead of using your body soap to wash your beard, use your shampoo (or anti-dandruff shampoo) for the purpose. To pamper your beard a little more, go for a specially designed beard shampoo.

Reduce Stress

It also gets rid of chronic beardruff and redness of the skin underneath the beard. You will always find it as an ingredient in most over the counter products like chemical peels and anti-aging creams. When it comes to stress, it’s not easy to eliminate all stress from your life, but reducing it can do wonders for your skin and the beard. Beard balm acts as a leave-in conditioner and is used to style the beard thanks to the beeswax contained in the product. There are certain reasons why you shouldn’t use regular shampoo in place of beard shampoo. Those products are designed to be used on the scalp, not the sensitive skin on your face. Lastly, if you have been using minoxidil to boost beard growth, which is okay, especially if you can’t grow a full beard, there is one thing that you should know.