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August 2, 2022 by admin
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At the point when I at last quit weed early January 2009, I went exploring on the web to find data that would help me stay clean. I had halted pot so often before in my 20+ year pot smoking vocation, that THIS time I truly required some assistance so I didn’t partake in reefer again following a couple of months. I really required a better approach for checking myself out!

Weed smoking was a day to day piece of my life for north of 20 years. As I had figured out how to coordinate weed smoking into my consistently life easily online weed dispensary (or so I thought), I didn’t feel that I had a convincing motivation to stop for good. All things considered, I was as yet ready to remain sensibly solid, eat well, do yoga and different games, have a decent connection with my accomplice companions and family…BUT, this was my method of not actually confronting my compulsion.

Everything changed when I explored and tracked down the Marijuana Anon (MA) site, and read through the accompanying inquiries. My reactions and the realizing it got me strike me like a macintosh truck. Without precedent for my life, I comprehended that I disapproved of Marijuana.

Here are the 12 Questions (kindness of MA)

1. Is smoking pot presently not fun?

2. At any point do you get high without anyone else?

3. Could you at any point picture your existence without weed?

4. Are your not set in stone by your weed use?

5. At any point do you smoke pot to try not to manage your concerns?

6. At any point do you partake in reefer to smother your sentiments?

7. Does your weed utilize let you live in a secretly characterized world?

8. At any point do you neglect to keep confirmations you made about chopping down or controlling your weed smoking?

9. Does your utilization of cannabis created issues with memory, fixation, or inspiration?

10. When your pot stash is almost vacant, do you have a restless outlook on the most proficient method to get more?

11. Do you design your life around your pot use?