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Fifty Shades of Steele – Is Another Trilogy in The Works?

April 28, 2022 by admin
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Most men I talk to about this sometimes just don’t get “this”.

Logically it makes sense when you really think about it, but if you watch women out and about it seems to be the opposite.

It’s understanding women and that they want sex more than you do.

The funny thing about this is it’s everywhere if you just open up your eyes. Did you know that the sex toy industry is a $15 billion industry?

In August of 2012, an infographic created by the adult toy manufacturer Adam & Eve came out with this.

“Americans spend $15 billion on sex toys annually, that 44 percent of women 18 to 60 have used one, and that 78 percent of those women were in a relationship when they did.”

Think about that.

It also says that married women are more than TWICE AS LIKELY to use a vibrator.

THIS is good news for you. SHE NEEDS YOUR LOVING.

Let’s dive into the porn industry.

Women and Pornography

13% of Women admit to accessing pornography at work.

70% of women keep their cyber activities secret.

17% of all women struggle with pornography addiction.

Women, far more than men, are likely to act out their behaviors in real life, such as having multiple partners, casual sex, or affairs.

Women favor chat rooms 2X more than men.

1 of 3 visitors to all adult web sites are women.

9.4 million women access adult web sites each month.

That’s straight out of a study from Brigham Young University.

All the above means is that women are frustrated sexually and LOOKING FOR SOME LOVING!!!

Personally, when I got started in all this I had no visit idea about this. Over the years I started realizing that women are EXTREMELY SEXUAL CREATURES SEEKING SOMEONE THAT THEY ARE COMFORTABLE ACTING ON THAT DESIRE.

I’ve spent studying psychology and human behavior though books and through my own experiences. At one time of my life I was in the BDSM community. There it’s NO SECRET HOW SEXUAL WOMEN ARE. They love acting out their fantasies. Whether it being a slave, someone’s master or a dominatrix among many other things.

Over the years of sexual experience I’ve had with women, I’ve got to say that it shifted my mindset. Early on I read articles and other information on how to be a better lover. It gave me confidence and oh man… if you can confidently satisfy a woman it’ll boost your confidence with women too.

Being confident in your abilities AND knowing that women are sexual addicts when with someone that can satisfy them MAKES APPROACHING AND ATTRACTING THEM EASIER!!!

When I walk up to a woman, I feel like she’s the lucky one if she comes home with me. This attitude changes the way I interact with her AND she can feel it too. It peeks her curiosity and interest in me as well.