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How to Choose a Sofa Color: Expert Advice

November 22, 2023 by nocasinodomains
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These are some of the most common couch and sofa styles, but there are many variations of each. As you shop, you’ll want to take note of which features you like and which styles will look best with your existing decor. There are a few common types of couches and sofas that you’ll encounter when shopping.

Sometimes, your sofa just won’t fit, and many sofas end up returned to the manufacturer because of this reason. Make sure your sofa isn’t one of them by plotting every inch of the sofa’s journey to its designated room during the buying process.

“The idea was to create an enveloping environment where all the family can sit together,” he adds. Once in a while, an interiors shift comes along that feels nothing short of seismic. Forget notoriously capricious color trends – these are ideas that speak to wider notions about the way we live, work and decorate. For those with a more traditional, consistent style, you can choose any color you like. Though a solid is recommended over patterns for versatility. If you’ll be putting the sofa in a room you use often, choose something that you won’t get tired of easily, like a simple gray couch. Is the room you’re placing the sofa in for relaxation, entertaining, or simply for show?

Room & Board Metro Sofa

Make sure to leave a few extra inches for maneuvering your furniture. When selecting a sofa, it’s equally important to make sure that it fits you . If you’re taller, having a sofa with more depth makes sense for your legs to stretch out comfortably while still hitting the floor. If you’re shorter or have a small household, a smaller sofa might be sufficient. We bring together industry experts and the people behind the brands we share our homes with to give you unique insights into the world of furniture, homeware and interior design.

How to Clean a Fabric Sofa

After using this couch daily for over two years, we’ve found it to be a versatile option that’s equally suited for afternoon naps as it is for hosting guests. For one, it’s incredibly spacious, with deep seating and pliable yet bouncy cushions that provide comfort and support. For this style of couch, Crate & Barrel offers two depths, four sizes, and five orientations. We opted for the 93-inch two-seater with a 46-inch depth, which is great for both entertaining and everyday use. Just note that because of both the couch’s length and depth, it’s better suited for a house than an apartment; even then, you might prefer to place it in a basement or den. As for the upholstery, you’re looking at three fabric options and two velvet options, including a plush blue option that we tried.

Some sofas come with welting , which can give your seating an elevated look. Nailheads come in many metal varieties, including bronze, chrome, brushed gold, and nickel, and can look like jewelry, casting a reflective shine. Depending on the look you’re going for, this add-on can lend a traditional, contemporary, or industrial vibe. Unlike foam, which springs back into shape after you stand up, down stays squished, so expect to re-fluff down sofa cushions regularly. It may shed and prick you as its feathers can poke through the fabric.

Firstly, this set is great all around, but isn’t very customisable with little to no choice of buying additional sections to expand the sectional. One word of caution is to know exactly what you’re getting in to dealing with this kind of leather. Ultimately, if you must have a cheap sectional or want this as a secondary to your existing couch, consider getting the Honbay, it’s sturdy enough to last a couple of years without rough use. All of this on a couch that’s already on the softer side with equally soft back cushions make for the ultimate napping couch. If the prospect of “lounging” doesn’t excite you, the good news is that the Lounge II petite has a much shallower seat depth for a more balanced seating experience. Yup, if the name of the chair wasn’t enough of a giveaway, it’s meant to be lounged on. Branded by Crate & Barrel themselves as “oversized modern seating”, the Lounge II delivers on that promise, and more.

Before purchasing a couch, measure your space so you know exactly what you need in your space. Remember that you may also need room to walk around the couch as well. We also love that the back pillows are reversible for a little bit of design versatility down the line.

Shivani is an interior design expert for Better Homes & Gardens who covers interior design, decorating, and home improvement. Shivani has also been featured in The Spruce, MyDomaine, Domino, Martha Stewart, and Atlanta Magazine. Currently, she is completing her residential interior design certification through the Rhode Island School of Design. As mentioned above, you’ll want to consider how much maintenance you’re willing to put into keeping your sofa looking nice. Certain materials are easy to care for, while others require professional cleaning. This is an especially important consideration if you have pets, kids, or both.

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Rozit Arditi encourages embracing color when you feel called to do so. “We loved pairing a green sectional with a mauve grasscloth in our Brooklyn family room,” she shares. If you’re comfortable pushing boundaries and having fun with color, then there’s no reason not to embrace it. It’s also worth considering the shapes, colors and textures of other furniture pieces like your coffee table, any side tables, and media console.